Mini ERP Boot Camp

The UF Department of Psychiatry is holding a Mini ERP Boot Camp with Dr. Emily Kappenman from the University of California San Diego

This three-day boot camp will review everything from the basics of EEG/ERP all the way through experimental design and pitfalls, concluding with a day of hands on data analysis with ERP Lab.

Lecture Topics will include

  • Basic Principles of EEG Recording
  • Overview of Common ERP Components
  • Design of ERP Experiments
  • Artifact Rejection and Correction
  • Quantifying ERP Components
  • Practical Advice for Conducting ERP Research

Additionally, there will be a number of one-on-one consultation times available for individuals or groups to meet with Dr. Kappenman to discuss data, troubleshoot specific problems, or begin designing an experiment

Consultations available on a first come first serve basis, email David Roberts to reserve


  • Lectures day 1 and 2: Communicore room C1-3
  • Hands on data analysis day 3: Computer Sciences & Engineering


August 15-17, 9:30am to 5:30pm