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Researcher Highlight

Dr. Amber Muehlmann, PhD is a junior faculty member of the Department of Psychiatry. Her lab focuses on abnormal brain function that causes repetitive behaviors in Autism Spectrum Disorder and OCD. Recently, her studies identified the role of a small region deep within the brain called the subthalamic nucleus.

Researcher Highlight

Dr. Joseph McNamara, PhD completed doctoral degrees in counseling and developmental psychology. He has completed an internship in clinical and health psychology and a psychology residency at the University of Florida. His most recent work includes looking at the link between ADHD-like inattention and obsessions and compulsions during…

2018 Psychiatry Superior Accomplishment Award Winner

The Health Science Center Superior Accomplishment Awards Committee has selected individuals, amongst them Robyn Nelson, to receive Super Accomplishment Awards for 2018. The University of Florida┬áSuperior Accomplishment Awards program┬árecognizes faculty and staff who have shown efficiency or economy in their work, have contributed outstanding and meritorious service, or who…