Inside OCD: I Am Not My Illness

Directed by: Jeffrey Pufahl

Stories are an important way for people and communities to share knowledge and experiences with each other.  Inside OCD is the result of 10-week story-telling program at the University of Florida that was created as a partnership between COARD, the UF Center for Arts in Medicine, and UF Performing Arts.  The result was a performance in which seven people with OCD, two parents of a young adult with OCD, and a clinician supporting the participants, told their stories to a standing-room only audience. This group went on to perform at the International Obsessive Compulsive Foundation Annual Conference in Washington, DC and at the American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting in San Francisco. In the videos below, three of the workshop participants and the clinician who participated in the program share their stories with you.    

Some of the material in these videos may not be suitable for children. Parents are urged to preview the videos and consider providing parental guidance regarding the content.

Comforts of Home

Desert is Clean

How it All Began

I’m Falling

Impossible Certainty

Motorcycle Maintenance


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