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Hoarding and the COVID-19 Pandemic

UF Brooke Professor Carol Mathews, MD discusses hoarding and the COVID-19 pandemic: How panic buying and opportunist have confused some and stigmatized others.

Self Care during COVID-19

IOCDF gives some tips on self care during COVID-19. Washing your hands and practicing social distancing are great practical ways to take care of your physical health during this time. However, it is also important to take care of our mental health.

BDD-Related Quarantine Tips During COVID-19

The following blog article, published by IOCDF, will focus on implementing healthy coping strategies, maintaining therapeutic progress, and preventing relapse for individuals with BDD during a time of quarantine.

You are not alone

Not Alone Notes are having a dance party because they just surpassed 1,000 notes! Now, they want to send you one. Would you like to get a message of hope, or know someone who would?…

Helping Children Cope with Emergencies

People can become more distressed if they see repeated images of a disaster in the media. Early on, consider limiting the amount of exposure you and your loved ones get to media coverage.

Getting Medications

Are you or someone you know running low on medications? Several pharmacies are allowing early refills and/or 90-day refills on many prescription medications.

How To Ease Children’s Anxiety About COVID-19

Kids, too, may be feeling worried — especially if they already have an anxiety disorder. Fortunately, there are things we can do to help our kids cope. But first, parents and other caregivers must ease their own concerns. …


As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads, people everywhere are struggling to maintain a sense of normalcy and calm. The Center for OCD, Anxiety and Related Disorders at the University of Florida can help. Here are eight tips for how to take care of yourself and your loved ones during…

COVID-19 Field trip

Are you practicing social distancing in your house, but wishing you could go on a field trip? Well now you can stay safe from spreading COVID-19 and save money with one of these free online cultural experiences.

#PatchMeUp: Mindfulness

TinyDocs: What is mindfulness? What are its benefits? Dr. Patches helps us understand what is, how it can help us, and guides us through a useful mindfulness exercise.