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Morgan Browning Chosen For Outstanding 4-Year Scholar Award

Congratulations, Morgan Browning, Research Assistant in Dr. Joseph McNamara’s Fear Lab, has been chosen as the recipient of the Outstanding 4-Year Scholar Award for the Spring of 2018! Each semester, The UF Alumni Association and UF Honors Program select candidates for the Scholars Awards. Recipients are…

College Mental Health

Please join us as Dr. Michelle Riba presents “College Mental Health: Past, Present, Future”, Friday, November 30, 2018 from 12:00-1:00pm at the DeWeese Auditorium in the McKnight Brain Institute.

Mini ERP Boot Camp

The UF Department of Psychiatry is holding a Mini ERP Boot Camp with Dr. Emily Kappenman from the University of California San Diego This three-day boot camp will review everything from the basics of EEG/ERP all the way through experimental design and pitfalls, concluding with a day of hands…