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Carol Mathews talks about anxiety on “in your…

University of Florida, department of psychiatry Chair and Director of the Center for OCD, Anxiety and Related Disorders, Carol Mathews, MD talks with…

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The Fear Facer: An Update from: The Daily

In 2019, Julia Longoria, then a Daily producer, traveled to Nashville to speak with Ella Maners and her mother, Katie Maners. Ella, 8 going on 9, was…

Fear Facers Summer camp_ella maners

Study finds Major Depressive Disorder Common in…

A study in the Journal of Psychiatric Research by Luis Sordo Vieira, PhD, and colleagues has found that major depressive disorder is the most common…

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Events Happening

Pumpkin Decorating Tourette Support Group Event

Ready for they fall? Join the Alachua County and Clay County Tourette Support group October 14, 2022 for a fall fun event. There will be…

Possum Creek Pumpkin Tourette

Epidemiology Seminar: UF Doctoral Students

Epidemiology is featuring three epidemiology doctoral students’ presentations to show case their research work. This is also an opportunity for the…

July Epidemiology Seminar: UF Doctoral Students

Return to School Virtual TS Event

Please join us for a virtual support group prior to the start of the Alachua County School year. We will discuss the upcoming school year and…

TS Virtual Support Group

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OCD Jacksonville Innovation Fund

The University of Florida Department of Psychiatry and OCD Jacksonville proudly announce the establishment of the OCD Jacksonville Innovation Fund…

OCD Jacksonville Board

“The Daily” Follows Up with Ella Maners on Her…

The Daily revisits the podcast interview with Ella Maners and how she confronted her obsessive compulsive disorder at Fear Facer Camp.

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A Special Episode for Kids: The Fear Facer

Ella Maners talks with Michael Barbaro from The New York Times, The Daily about her OCD, Anxiety and Fears.

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Am I a hoarder?

Hoarding, stockpiling, panic buying: What’s normal behavior in an abnormal time?

Carol Mathews, MD

Hoarding and the COVID-19 Pandemic

UF Brooke Professor Carol Mathews, MD discusses hoarding and the COVID-19 pandemic: How panic buying and opportunist have confused some and…

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For Kids With O.C.D., Coronavirus Precautions Can…

How parents can distinguish between hand-washing that is a reasonable reaction to a real threat and something more concerning.


Programs and treatment

Clinic for OCD, Anxiety, & Related Disorders

We treat adults, adolescents and children with OCD, Tourette Syndrome (TS), hoarding disorders, body dysmorphic disorders, hair pulling & skin picking disorders, and anxiety disorders in our Gainesville, Florida location. Located in the heart of a major medical center, we collaborate across discipline to provide the best care possible.

Participate in Research

Researcher in the Center for OCD, Anxiety, and Related Disorders are conducting studies to understand the causes of various disorders. We are looking for volunteers.

Fear Facers Camp

Children and adolescents with obsessive-compulsive disorder and/or anxiety are invited to join us this summer for a one- or two-week camp session. In addition to daily therapy, participants between the ages of 7 and 15 will experience activities that allow for personal growth and improved behaviors.

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