Morgan Browning Chosen For Outstanding 4-Year Scholar Award

Morgan BrowningCongratulations, Morgan Browning, Research Assistant in Dr. Joseph McNamara’s Fear Lab, has been chosen as the recipient of the Outstanding 4-Year Scholar Award for the Spring of 2018!

Each semester, The UF Alumni Association and UF Honors Program select candidates for the Scholars Awards. Recipients are featured in the commencement program and graduation ceremony processional. They are introduced and recognized by the UFAA president and are invited to sit on the platform as distinguished guest and representatives of your college during the program.

The Faculty Committee for these awards makes selections based on a broad definition of scholastic achievement. Overall grade point average is important but the committee also considers academic awards, research projects, published papers, convention presentations, honors theses, etc. In short, the committee is in search of someone who exemplifies the title of scholar.